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Link agreements between the parties are the sole responsibility of the individual organizations. In the event of a dispute we may, at our discretion, terminate the service of the effected parties.

This Link Exchange service is produced and published by the WebWizDirect Content Management System. 

Link Exchange information and image

Graphic dimensions are 250 x 100 pixels, file size is limited to 50k each to ensure faster page loading.

FREE Website integration is available for 2Geckos clients

If your websites is by 2Geckos we will include free installation of Link Exchange PHP scripts and customization of the HTML template file.

For others, Link Exchange webpage integration assistance is available starting at $65.

Installation instructions for Link Exchange Page

The attached PHP files will need to be uploaded to your website to display your exchanged Link. They may be placed in the root folder or in a folder with “Read” rights.
For more full documentation please Click Here
  ● linkexchange.php is the link page to be added to your menu
  ● rssFilter.php is a support file required by the link page

These RSS2HTML PHP files are free PHP scripts for displaying RSS feeds using html and distributed by FeedForAll, Copyright 2009 NotePage, Inc.  www.feedforall.com


Last updated 10 Jul 2012