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The Arizona Link Exchange is a FREE on-line service that manages the exchange of organic links between websites. 

Organic links are more likely to appear in search engines like Google search that rank pages according to their links. Organic links often receive most web traffic through these portals. 

The Arizona Link Exchange manages the link using a custom web application developed by 2Geckos, it automatically performs daily updates using RSS feeds to update the links on your website using WebWizDirect.

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The web interface service is still in Beta, please check our blog for updates or just give us a call. 

Please call (520) 709-2079 or
E-mail us for more information

Features and Benefits

Custom Link Exchange webpage

Your Arizona Link Exchange display webpage can be customized.

Assistance is available to integrate the Link Exchange with your website. Info

Google Analytics Integration

We have now integrated Google Analytics to track the link activity!   You'll be able to see how many people view your link and how many clicked on your link to visit your website.

Powered By WebWizDirect

The Arizona Link Exchange uses WebWizDirect to automate the publication the RSS Feeds, it is a completely automated system that manages the Link on your website. www.WebWizDirect.com

Please read the Arizona Link Exchange Service Terms and Conditions for the legal stuff but our intention is to promote other local businesses and ourselves

Last updated 10 Jul 2012